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An Michigan based lifestyle blog by Alexandria Mavis. A perfectly curated space the combines her love of home decor, style, design, DIY, and entertaining.

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An Grand Rapids based interior design and lifestyle blog by Alexandria Mavis. A perfectly curated space the combines her love of interiors, style, travel, DIY, and entertaining.

Tips for Black Friday Shopping Online

Alexandria Mavis

Tips for Black Friday Shopping Online // From Gold Blog

I decided this year to try and do the majority of my Christmas shopping online on Friday morning and avoid the craziness that is Black Friday... plus I get to sleep in after all that turkey! Here are a few things I am doing to make my shopping a little more organized and done in a timely fashionbefore the deals are gone.

Gift Guide courtesy of  Miss Moss

Gift Guide courtesy of Miss Moss

So, basically I have gone through all my favorite online stores and bookmarked each item in my browser and Thanksgiving evening I will add my items to my cart and then save my cart. Now this will vary website to website how long items can stay in "your cart" but try and get as many in there are you can for a more organized shopping experience.

Now the last step is to create a new Instagram account (see ours here @fromgoldshoppingguide) and follow all the stores you have selected your items from. This way come Friday and these stores post their deals and discount codes etc. you won't have to scroll through thousands of turkey and football photos to find them. You can even turn on specific accounts notifications so you're alerted every time they post. Once your store has posted the discount code head over to your cart and enter it and boom all your holiday shopping done in your Pj's with a cup of coffee and a Christmas movie on.. you'll never have to brave the crowds again.