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An Michigan based lifestyle blog by Alexandria Mavis. A perfectly curated space the combines her love of home decor, style, design, DIY, and entertaining.

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An Grand Rapids based interior design and lifestyle blog by Alexandria Mavis. A perfectly curated space the combines her love of interiors, style, travel, DIY, and entertaining.

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OUR Best Hair Tips

Alexandria Mavis

From Gold Blog // Hair Tips // Top Knot Tutorial

This is something we've been doing for a while! At first it might seem like your hair is "dirty" or oily but your hair starts to use the natural oil it produces and this is good for your hair! When you wash it constantly it dries out. 

Using dry shampoo on those extra oily days is a life saver! We usually just spray around our hairline, where your part is and the crown of your hair. Add a bit of teasing to make it look nice and textured! 

We use conditioner on our ends when we wash our hair (to help those tangles) but also avoid adding extra oil to the top of your head. We also use an oil or cream after the shower while your hair is still damp. Cassandra use Moroccan Oil which she ADOREs! It leaves your hair shiny (not oily), soft, and smells incredible. Alexandria use's LUSH's R&B Hair Moisturizer at night after a shower when my hair is damp! I wake up and it is incredibly hydrated! 

Take your vitamins (do we sounds like your mom?). These nourish your hair from the inside out and a sweet treat for your body too! It also helps your hair to grow long and thick. let be honest that's what everyone wants! 

Happy Hairstyling! 

To see our post from the photo above of the Top Knot Tutorial HERE

Double Dutch Braid Ponytail // Hair Tutorial

Alexandria Mavis

Dutch Braid 2 Ways // Hair Tutorial  

We've all been doing this simple braid since grade school but here is a fun little twist on a classic!

|| Tutorial ||

  • Start your first braid on the left temple area towards the back of your crown and cross the left strand under the center, and pick up another small section from the left side of your head.
  • Add more hair to your braid by picking up small strands every time you cross pieces under the center strand. Continue until you've reached just over half way down your hair. Repeat with the right side. 
Dutch Braid 2 Ways // Hair Tutorial  
  • Then carefully begin "pulling" to loosen up the braids in various spots and teasing some of the edges to give it that bit of "undone" style. 
  • We liked the look of no elastic on the ends so you can secure the ends with a tiny clear elastic or lightly tease the ends and add some hairspray to keep the braids from coming undone.
  • Then just pop it up into a ponytail (teasing the crown of your head to give it some volume) and pulling a few pieces looks to frame your face. 
Double Dutch Braid Ponytail // Hair Tutorial // From Gold Blog

Hair Envy // Long Hair Style Inspiration

Alexandria Mavis

Hair Envy // Long Hair Style Inspiration // From Gold Blog

We absolutely adore Amber and her blog, Barefoot Blonde. She is my (Alexandria) go to for hair styles as I have long hair as well. She is seriously a braiding goddess and her family is just the cutest. If you don't follow her on snapchat you NEED too!

These are a couple of our favourite tutorials/styles of her's that we are dying to try.. and decided to just share these and save you the agony of our attempts ;)  See the links to the tutorials below. 

Hair Envy // Long Hair Style Inspiration // From Gold Blog
Hair Envy // Long Hair Style Inspiration // From Gold Blog
Hair Envy // Long Hair Style Inspiration // From Gold Blog