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Shapes iPhone Case Design DIY with Bobby Clark

Alexandria Mavis

Shapes iPhone Case Design DIY with Bobby Clark
Shapes iPhone Case Design DIY with Bobby Clark

Let's face it, shopping for a new phone case can be quite daunting - there are too many to choose from! I wanted something with clean lines and simple style, something that didn't "hide" my phone since my last case was a more bold pattern and colour.  When every website came up short I knew it was time to take matters into my own hands to get the look I wanted, aka a DIY! I reached out to the gorgeous Bobby Clark as her stunning artwork was exactly what I was looking for! I choose a favorite print (that green half circle was meant to be shown off on a gold phone) and here is the result! 

Shapes iPhone Case Design DIY with Bobby Clark

||  W H A T   Y O U' L L   N E E D  ||

  • shapes
  • mod podge
  • small thin paintbrush
  • hand towel 
  • clear iphone case

||  D I R E C T I O N S   ||

Download the shapes template above and carefully cut out each shape. Make sure you wipe the phone case so you're working on a nice clean surface. Place the shapes how you'd like them face down on the inside of the phone case first so you'll know where to glue each one. Then start with the first (top) shape, putting it in place (face down remember) and dab your paintbrush in the mod podge and brush over the paper shape until it's been fully covered and all the edge are painted/glued down. Then get a corner of your hand towel wet and carefully wipe away the excess mod podge from all the edges around the shape (be careful not to touch the paper shape as it is wet and can tear/move easily). Continue wiping until all excess is gone and use the dry end to clean/dry the surface for the next shape then repeat. I let mine dry over night before placing my phone in the case. 

Shapes iPhone Case Design DIY with Bobby Clark
Shapes iPhone Case Design DIY with Bobby Clark

a b o u t    b o b b y

Shapes iPhone Case Design DIY with Bobby Clark  // Alexandria Mavis Blog

Bobby is a Scottish freelance photographer and artist living and working in Melbourne. Working from her Thornbury studio her latest artworks explore the symmetry and balance of shapes, creating minimal studies of shape composition. Her instagram is a must follow and her stories are full of her adorable staffy, Scout. Make sure you go and check out her prints here