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Tips on Improving Your Instagram with Photographer Alycia Lovell

Alexandria Mavis

Improving Your Instagram with Alycia Lovell // From Gold Blog

We have a guest post today by our gorgeous friend and talented photographer Alycia Lovell on Tips & Tricks for improving your Instagram.

Consistency //

When posting to Instagram consistency and flow is very important. You want your overall theme (editing style) for your feed to be pleasing to the eye. Some images can be oh-so simple, such as holding up a cute birthday card or mint leaves on a white background. You can mix these with busy photos as well but your feed will still have an overall clean organization to it. Try using clean whites with pops of color, which is very eye catching, people love posts that are bright, vibrant and happy.  

Improving Your Instagram with Alycia Lovell // From Gold Blog

Choosing the right photo //

When choosing which photo you want to post, you always, always choose the very best one. As I learn the art of posting on Instagram, I’ve discovered that my followers want the very best every time I post. Sometimes I get lazy and post something not-so-exciting and either lose followers or have minimal likes.

Improving Your Instagram with Alycia Lovell // From Gold Blog

Hashtags //

When it comes to hashtags, it’s always best to hashtag what you’ve done in your blog post if you are a blogger. Say you do a how-to bridal bouquet... then you’d put #bridal #bouquet #diy #flowers #wedding #weddingstyle and then look up through a search engine what hashtags are trending the most. This way your post will get more hits and you can maybe gain new followers and hopefully lead them to your blog as well. Only include hashtags if they are relevant to the photo, otherwise people will think you’re like/follower hungry. Try to keep them at a minimum. The maximum amount of hashtags I would ever use is 10.

Improving Your Instagram with Alycia Lovell // From Gold Blog

Engage with other Instagramers //

To keep your followers happy and engaged, remember to comment back when they comment on a photo. Even if it’s something as simple as “Thanks <3.” Comment on other photos of popular bloggers or accounts with a lot of followers. This way others will see your comment, click on your username and hopefully follow you because your feed interests them. Then, most of all what you want is them to click on the link to your blog and follow that as well! Engaging your followers is important too! Do giveaways where they have to repost a photo and follow you. Try doing this often or in different ways just to engage your followers. For example, maybe asking a question on a post! But… then there is days, where I really want to post a photo I love that I’m sure most won’t, and I post it anyway. Usually gets less likes, but I don’t care. ;)



Improving Your Instagram with Alycia Lovell // From Gold Blog

Go check out Alycia AMAZING photography here and you can follow here on Instagram here and make sure to go like her on Facebook here!

Be sure to stay tuned for Part 2 where Alycia will share tips, tricks and great apps for editing photos for instagram!

Improving Your Instagram with Alycia Lovell // From Gold Blog