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Heart & Pom Pom Wall Hanging // Valentines Day DIY

Alexandria Mavis

 Heart Pillow & Pom Pom Wall Hanging DIY // From Gold Blog
 Heart Pillow & Pom Pom Wall Hanging DIY // From Gold Blog

Happy Lovers Day! We <3 Valentine's Day and we're always keen for a simple, easy and inexpensive DIY! All you need is some pink fabric (velvet it fun!), yarn, thread, cotton balls and a branch from your favourite tree. 

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For the hearts - ONE // Make sure your fabric is folded over making 2 layers and then trace your heart. TWO // Cut out the heart (both layers so you will have 2 pieces at the end). THREE // Arrange the fabric so it is inside out and put a few pins in place to hold your two pieces of fabric together, making it easier to sew. FOUR // Begin sewing a simple stitch around the outside edge BUT make sure to leave a small hole at the bottom open to add the cotton balls. 

FIVE // Once you have reach the end where you've left a small space open, turn your heart inside out so now (velvet for mine) is on the outside. SIX // Then begin adding cotton balls until your heart is the desired "puffiness" (is that a word?). SEVEN //After you've added the cotton balls, all that is left is sewing up the end. 

You can download the heart template we used below:

 Heart Pillow &amp; Pom Pom Wall Hanging DIY // From Gold Blog

For the Pom Poms - Begin wrapping the yarn around a flat item (cardboard, notebook etc). The longer the item the larger the pom. My hand ended up working out great for the size I wanted. ONE // Wrap the yarn 25-30 times. TWO // Tie a knot at the "top" of your looped yarn nice and tight. THREE // Then on the opposite end of the knot you will cut the loops. FOUR // Then back up at the top of the pom about 1/2 inch down from your knot you will tie a new piece of yarn around the pom. 

 Heart Pillow &amp; Pom Pom Wall Hanging DIY // From Gold Blog

Run a piece of yarn through 1 -2 hearts and 1-2 pom poms doing different lengths and amounts, then tie each strand about 2 inches from the next on your branch. 

That's it! How cute and festive and you'll want to keep this on your wall long past Valentine's Day! <3 

 Heart Pillow &amp; Pom Pom Wall Hanging DIY // From Gold Blog