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Grand Rapids MI

An Michigan based lifestyle blog by Alexandria Mavis. A perfectly curated space the combines her love of home decor, style, design, DIY, and entertaining.

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An Grand Rapids based interior design and lifestyle blog by Alexandria Mavis. A perfectly curated space the combines her love of interiors, style, travel, DIY, and entertaining.

Get To Know Us // Alexandria

Alexandria Mavis

Alexandria // From Gold Blog

Cassie and I have been faithfully blogging for about 5 months now and we wanted to each write a personal post to share a bit more about our lives and who we are... so here we go!

Alexandria // From Gold Blog
Alexandria // From Gold Blog

These last few months blogging have been so fun and already really rewarding for me. Cassie and I talked about having a blog for ages! A place to call our own where we could blog about anything and everything and have something to keep us accountable to be creative. We always said "even if we have 3 faithful readers we would still blog our hearts out for them and for us!". I admire so many bloggers and creatives who inspire me daily and now I get to be apart of this community of beautiful people. I love hearing about all the friendships made via blogs and Instagram and I hope to make connections and lasting friendships through blogging. My dreams are to see this blog become a business and something I can do full time. There are so many companies, brands, photographers and creatives I admire and want to support and partner with and one day.. oh and have our own studio! :) I am even exploring a few business/marketing classes as I discover more and more that I am actually quite interested in both.

Alexandria // From Gold Blog
Alexandria // From Gold Blog

Despite all of that I really love working for YWAM and it's where the Lord has put Nate and myself for now, this time in our lives but I hope to do both and incorporate my creative side in with the work I do for YWAM. It's still just so much of both mine and my husbands life, we are in community and do life with some of our closest friends (woo Cassie!) and mentors and we think we are pretty lucky. Nate and I met when we first came to do a YWAM school in 2010 and it's been an unbelievable experience to be able to travel to third world nations with Him and together just love on people, share the story of Jesus and just serve together. We are also running our first School of Worship at the moment and it is bringing us so much joy!

Alexandria // From Gold Blog
Alexandria // From Gold Blog

Nate and I have been married for just over 1.5 years and although no ones perfect we are really enjoying marriage. I love making a home with Nate and filling it with all our memories. He is so supportive and has so much grace for me (more then I ever deserve) and he makes me laugh ALL day long. I am pretty co-dependent and love that I get to work with my husband all day and thankfully never get sick of him ;) We actually just listened to a Podcast by Jonathan and Melissa Helser about "Marriage & Ministry" and it was a wonderful reminder that Nate comes first, before work, before the blog, before everything life always seems to be throwing our way. A little about Nathaneal, he grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan (a place I have come to know and love), he is the youngest of 4 boys and is still basically a big ol' baby! haha He LOVES to cuddle (despite all the tattoos and bad boy image), he is a very talented guitar player (and used to be in a hard core band) and is the worship director at our YWAM base. He is a great story teller, encourager and brings so much joy and laughter to my life.

Alexandria // From Gold Blog
Alexandria // From Gold Blog

I hope to do more traveling this year (maybe New Zealand for our 2nd Anniversary) and I want to travel to Europe before have kids. 2015 has been really busy and therefore I haven't been taking very good care of my health but really want to see this change and use my Gweneth Paltrow cook book more. We are also planning a trip home for Christmas next year which I am so giddy for because there's nothing like Christmas in America and I miss the snow SO much!! We might even do Disneyland (crossing my fingers)!! Well I don't really know what else to include but hope this gave you a small glimpse into my life and put a bit more the person in the pictures. I hope you are loving our blog as much as we are and thank you for always stopping by! It means more then you know :)




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