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An Australian based lifestyle blog by Alexandria Mavis. A perfectly curated space the combines her love of home decor, style, design, DIY, and entertaining.

Christmas Treasures

Alexandria Mavis

Alexandria //

Christmas Treasures // From Gold Blog
Christmas Treasures // From Gold Blog
Christmas Treasures // From Gold Blog

Let me just say that Santa was really good to me this year.. and my husband.. annnd my mom.. annnnnd Cassie! I actually ended up with 2 mid-century bowls and 2 sets of Salt and Pepper shakers! One set/bowl I picked out at West Elm when we were in Melbourne and the other was brought over from my favorite Grand Rapids store (my husband asked my friend (the owner) to send a few items and he had no idea what they were until I opened them Christmas day!) but I love them both! What are some of the gifts you guys got this year?

Christmas Treasures // From Gold Blog