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An Michigan based lifestyle blog by Alexandria Mavis. A perfectly curated space the combines her love of home decor, style, design, DIY, and entertaining.

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An Grand Rapids based interior design and lifestyle blog by Alexandria Mavis. A perfectly curated space the combines her love of interiors, style, travel, DIY, and entertaining.

Blackberry Sage Iced Tea

Alexandria Mavis

When I worked at a bakery a couple years ago in Chicago, I tried this AMAZING tea from the Republic of Tea called Blackberry Sage Tea. UH, YUM! It blew my taste buds with amazing flavors! So, while in Australia and not having Republic of Tea at my disposal, I decided I would try and make my own! It is so tasty and full of flavor!

Blackberry Sage Iced Tea Recipe //

1/2tbsp - 2 tbsp Loose Leaf Black Tea (or 1-2 black tea bags & depending on how strong you want to make it.) 
5 Sage Leaves (Again, play with the amount to what flavour you prefer)
1/3 cup of Blackberries

Muddle your blackberries and sage in a glass or pitcher. Brew your loose leaf tea to your desired taste.  I wanted more of the flavor to come out of the berry and sage so I brewed mine for less than a minute. Strain the loose leaves out of your brewed tea. Pour tea over berries and sage and let this sit and cool down for a minute then add to the fridge or pour over ice cubes. I topped mine off with some more fresh black berries.

Hope you enjoy!