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Anthropologie Hack // DIY Clay Egg Carton

Alexandria Mavis

Anthropologie Hack // DIY Clay Egg Carton
Anthropologie Hack // DIY Clay Egg Carton
Anthropologie Hack // DIY Clay Egg Carton

Happy Easter!! I've had a ceramic/stoneware egg carton on my christmas list for years and still have managed to not have one. My favourite is from anthropologie and as we don't have an Anthro here on the Gold Coast the next best thing was to make our own! Plus most Easter decor can be a bit cheesy but this carton along with our Marbled Indigo Dyed Eggs will suit your mid-century modern style ;)

Anthropologie Hack // DIY Clay Egg Carton

|| What You'll Need ||

  • Half a dozen egg carton (empty)

  • Air Dry molding clay

  • Water

  • Sand paper

  • Gloss Varnish 

Anthropologie Hack // DIY Clay Egg Carton // From Gold Blog

|| Directions ||

-Cut the top off the egg carton so you just have the bottom half and the roll out the clay.

-Lay the rolled out clay over the top of the egg carton and start in the middle shaping and molding it into the carton.

-Once you have the basic shape begin dipping your hand in water and smoothing over all the small holes and edges. 

-Leave the carton and clay to drive overnight and then once dry peel off the cardboard carton. 

-Next take your sandpaper and smooth over/sharpen the edges that need it. 

-Lastly, add a couple coats of varnish to add a glossy finish and let fully dry. 

Anthropologie Hack // DIY Clay Egg Carton
Anthropologie Hack // DIY Clay Egg Carton

DIY adapted by Fall For DIY